First week in Wolverhampton, UK

On the 20th I had packed all my stuff and it was time to go by train to Helsinki. I’ve never flown or been on the airport before so it was bit nerve-racking at first. But I was prepared for it and all went really well in Helsinki – Vantaa’s airport. It was really surreal to travel on my own but you just have to believe in yourself and call your family, friends or teachers when there is an emergency.

My planes went from Helsinki to Amsterdam and from there to Birmingham. My flights were late but I managed to make it in Birmingham where I found out that my suitcase had not arrived. These situations teaches independence and courage even though I was just about to give up.

I had to carry on without my suitcase and I went by train to Wolverhampton. I was so tired that I spoke english and finnish in the same sentece.. For the next day I was just waiting for my suitcase to arrive.

On the 22nd day I went to see Wolverhampton School of Art. It was fun to see the differences between Finnish and British schools. I got to see how products were photographed and edited to posters. On the next day I participated in the Pottery Throwing Course. It was very difficult at first but fortunately the course was intended for beginners. After all, I had a great time trying out something new.

On the weekend I went to explore the center of Wolverhampton. It’s nice to see how friendly and understanding people are here. I’m excited about next week when I get to see the Art Gallery!