First week in Emerald Island

We came in Ireland in Monday around noon. We thought we had lift from Dublin to Galway but we didn’t. Marie called us and told us which buss we should go.  It was easy to find what buss we had to go. Marie came to pick us up from Galway.

We came to our “house”. It is small lovely house. We were explained how everything works (we still kinda have to get used to it and try it our own)

Here is some of pictures of our little bunkhouse.


We have been in our school unfortunately I don’t have pictures of our school. I will take some when I have some time. We have been in tour in our school but we usually stay first floor only in two classrooms. We have been in town too and we were given tour in there too. Here is some pictures of Cathedral.

In Galway technical institute animations are done by drawing at least that’s what I found. They can do animations by computers too.  In their computer classroom there is Mac’s and well I don’t like them, so I use my own computer :).

We were interviewed by journalist student and she was surprised to find something about Finns :’D. We told her about our culture and foods which we would recommend if somebody would visit us in Finland. Ronja suggested mämmi. Our interviewer was really surprised when we told her about mämmi.

Me and Ronja went riding in Saturday. I thought our mounts were horses but they were ponies :D. in Finland I have seen only small ponies so I was surprised to see these ponies. They are Ireland’s own ponies and are very useful in many things. Or so I am told :).


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