First days in Barcelona

So called “my airplane” took off this Friday and I left Helsinki with its snow behind me. Wintery white fields were rolling under the plane and slowly the snow was disappearing while we got more distance to my home country. Some years earlier I did the same thing and flew from Helsinki to Barcelona. I had forgotten how beautiful the views were during that flight!



We arrived safely and the weather had fully changed. Plane landed on pale asphalt and weather was +24 celsius. I was happy about the change of weather and for some reason I really love palm trees so I was in a right place for a while!

I got my bags and I changed my clothes in the airport toilet. I took a taxi to my new home address and this driver did not speak any english. Only word that he knew was “Holiday?” and even for that I had to say “No”. Our conversation did not go anywhere after that. He knew where to take me and I was watching views while trying to really understand where I was.

Soon after some taxi driving I met my new flatmates and it was getting dark already. I was going to live in Sarria in a big room with two balcony doors and with a big bed. I had a grocery store right next to me and I got keys to the rooftop. This was quite okay arrangement.


Then I’ll change my subject into shopping!

I spent my Saturday with Google Maps and I had an adventure in the center. City itself is quite a labyrinth when you start from a zero. I believe that I understand the logic of these streets after getting lost few times before really hitting the places I was looking for. I noticed that I was quickly getting better with my inner compass.

Now I’ll tell you about few places that I visited! First stores will be about garments. I enjoy working with fabrics every now and then and I decided to check out two stores in Barcelona.


R i b e s   &   C a s a l s

Roger de Llúria, 7
08010 Barcelona

From Ribes & Casals I found some absolutely beautiful fabrics for clothes! Store also had a great section of materials for upholstering which was my main reason to give it a visit. This place had 2 floors and I think it was full of inspiration.


N u n o y a

Carrer de Trafalgar, 14

08010 Barcelona

This next small and lovely shop had a nice variety of Japanese garments and prints. I found good quality cotton fabrics, some linen and fine silk. I’d recommend this place to anyone who gets some joy from great fabrics. Nunoya is also selling small pieces of garments (20cm x 30cm, 50cm x 50cm etc) which must be cutting leftovers… Those pieces looked so pretty that I ended up buying a small set of them. Oopsie! (I actually think it was money well spent.)


I traveled here with my film camera.

I am going to be active with my camera during this exchange time. I take these blog photos with my phone but otherwise I keep shooting with my film camera. I had planned that I’d buy and develop my films here in Barcelona and I already visited two places to buy some film.


Fujifilm has a store called

W o n d e r  P h o t o  S h o p 

Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 1

08012 Barcelona

This store was more like a workshop and it was 95% about polaroid. Wonder Photo Shop had only few 35mm films and prices for those were quite high. I accidentally found a bowl full of outdated Fujicolor PRO 400H films with a great discount so I bought a small pile of those.


This next store is very near to Wonder Photo Shop.

I already got a habit to visit both of these places whenever I am around.

N o s t a l g i c

Carrer de Goya, 18

08012 Barcelona

Nostalgic has a small film section, photo books, art pieces, souvenirs, covers for polaroid cameras and some other stuff. This shop is quite tiny. I ended up buying a framed photo from this shop and some cheap Kodak ColorPlus 200 films (one roll was 3,50€). I chatted english with this saleswoman who told me that they also develop negatives. I decided that I’d use their service and later I took my first negatives into their shop.


This was my first update from Barcelona. It was more like a shopping list from my first days here before the “real thing”. I share more with you next time!


Now it’s getting late so buenas noches!