fifth week in wolverhampton

Dear readers



This week has been really interesting. Monday l started working on the back of the house.


l got a paper where was list of things that l was supposed to search. my first assignment was to search photos of sport medals and line drawings  of different kind of sport people both male and female figures, and send them through the email. After work l decided to try local movie theatre “Light House” l went to see Victoria & Abdul it was really good movie and really lovely theatre. l also found one wolf statue from there.



Tuesday l continued on the list and finished searching photos and video links also some tips how to make diwali lights and what they where. and some pictures of chinese moon festival. these are to help for upcoming events at the art gallery. l finished early and was permitted to go home early because they didn’t have more assignments for that day.

Wednesday l got job to find facts, coloring pictures, games and some crafts, etc. of vikings for kids ages 5-16. after this l started to craft some model medals from gold cardboard. and before l noticed klock was 18. it was pretty long day but l really enjoyed doing some creative job.

Thursday was really different day there was this event where was pupils from several schools and in this event they made some speeches about art works and practiced public speaking. l heard it was also to prepare some kind of competition. it was pretty cool l

helped with the chairs and tables and was with the groups to hear more about the art works it was interesting. after the event l also helped to clean.


Friday l made rest of the medals ready. and l also helped by sorting out the yesterdays papers in order. it was just a little difficult to try to read witch paper belonged in witch pile of papers, but l was able to do it in the end.

l think while finding information and pictures l was able to learn a lot of these events atleast about diwali lights l had never even heard about it before so l was really curious.



These are medals l made for the event


held in future. these are to be examples or way of little inspiration for kids l tried to keep them simple as possible but l have my ways to add details so maybe most of them are pretty complicated.



On weekend l went to Birmingham. l had some problems to understand how trains work here but eventually l chose the right train and maid it to the Birmingham. l planned to go in the art museum, but l noticed that there was some kind of festival going on so l stopped by to see what was going on. there was lot of dance performances and lot of cool stuff. then l went to the museum and spend my day there. l tryed some ramen (japanese food) in the restaurant and headed home. l also met my new room mates and we cleaned the kitchen together.

sunday l went to visit at the bantock house with my volunteer co worker and her kids. it was really lovely place and cool to see that places history. we also went to see other fancy places and saw a market place and went to see so many cute cakes and hand made stuff l also got to pet a owl! my life is complete <3 they were so cute!! but yeah l will probably put some pictures from weekend later now off to bed. it’s sad that journeys days are coming to end but l just started to fit in and have really a fun time after l got over from little starting shyness. maybe l have to come back to spend holidays here.

See ya all next time ~veera