Fifth week in Wolverhampton, UK

Now I have officially completed half of my journey in UK! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Especially this week has passed very quickly. On Tuesday the activity, that I was helping with, was kid’s workshop. In the workshop kids learned how to draw and paint portraits, how to mix different kind of skin colors and how to paint with acrylic paint and watercolors. The best way to learn portrait painting is to have a model in front of you, so of course I volunteered to that job. I was super excited because I had only experienced to be the artist, not the model.

I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be in front of dozens of people without moving or changing the position. I don’t think I could be a real model for art class so this was perfect opportunity to see the tip of the iceberg. And not only did I get to see lovely portraits of me but I also learned so much; I don’t like much attention or people staring at me but I got much more comfortable with that. I realized that they weren’t there to judge me; they were only copying my face features. But still, the best part was to see all of the portraits. I was smiling so much that my entire face felt numb

On Wednesday I started my mosaic project. It’s more time-consuming than I thought but hopefully it’s ready on Monday. I have never done mosaic but I really like it because it’s kind of like solving a puzzle. I have also graft Viking ships for future workshops. Ships still need improvement but at least I’ve learnt to avoid frustration and always try again and again..

On Saturday I went to work again to help with a workshop. Monday is Saint George’s Day so kids got to celebrate it by grafting The Saint George’s Cross. I didn’t have much to do but there was an orchestra playing, so I got the chance to enjoy beautiful music all day. I’m hoping that my last three weeks will be this great. Hopefully the weather stays as warm too!