Fifth Week in Emerald Island

So yeaah. Pekka is here. I saw him in Monday but not in school.

Tuesday we were talking to Pekka about deadlines and now it is decided it is going to be 2.5. Sarah is going to judge us and Pekka will be there but by Skype phonecall. Sarah did mention we might add John(?) at there too. We could decide if we wanted to do logo animation or the assignment animation from Pekka as our last assignment. I chose continue both, because I’m almost ready at both so it would be pointless stop now.

Wednesday I had fight with my pen tablet (because of pen pressure) AND then I got fight with Toon Boom :’D. They didn’t actually want to do what I wanted, but thanks to Pekka and David we got it working ^^

Thurday I got my Logo animation finished! And got to show it to Sarah and got complicated :)~ And we went to see Galway’s

Friday was kinda same as always but people were giving presentation at artist which were like them? Or something like that. Saw many artist I did know and many who I didn’t. I would have like to do it too, but same time not.

Saturday was blast! We went to Dublin. There we went to Archaeology Museum and Forbidden Planet. Forbidden Planet was comic book, where I love to be. We went Archaeology Museum because Ronja and Anna wanted to see Viking exhibition.

Here some pictures from there :).