Fifth and sixth week


So I didn’t write last week or week before that.. I’m sorry guys!

So what’s been happening over here?

Fifth week was pretty normal. We slept long, we went to the malls, at 5 pm we went to work and at 7 pm we went back to the dormitory, spent some time together and went to sleep.

Sixth week we decided with our tutor at the work that only two of us will go to work each day and one of us can have a day off just because there is not enough to do for three people at the studio. So basically it went like this: on monday Tommi and Oskari were working, on tuesday me and Oskari, wednesday Tommi and Oskari, and so on.
At the end of the week we were told that only Oskari will continue at the studio because there’s nor anything to do for me and Tommi so we would be at the school for now on.

It has been interesting to see how do they shoot the news in here and the crew was nice and awesome. But to be honest, there really wasn’t anything to do for us, while the other ones were shooting the news. The office was small and I think the company doesn’t really do anything else than shoot the news.

But yeah, I don’t mind at all even though we are not in the studio anymore because now we have reasonable daily rhythm and we can do much more than just shoot the news.

So yeah. Nothing really happened except this little change that we’re not going to work at the tv-studio with Tommi anymore.

It has been a great six weeks in here, only three weeks to go and then we get to drink that lovely finnish coffee again! YAY!