Fifth and six weeks in Budapest

Hello and sorry for not posting here for a long time.
Days are terribly busy now, crammed up with work and photos, so I don’t even really find time to take photos for myself – just going to my town after work and sitting in front if computer the rest of the evening before going to sleep. Though, I hope that tomorrow I finally will be able to take some pictures of the Christmas Budapest and Szentendre. Lights are everywhere now, even here in our small town there is a Christmas fair with traditional chimney cakes and mulled wine. But again, what is strange for me is that in Budapest is cheaper than in its outskirt..
So, the fifth week was not so tough, as I was travelling to Berlin for two days and two concerts. Spent some days at work and then travelled to the capital of Germany. Took some nice pictures, but, sadly for me, not at the concerts, as camera was taken away two times in a row. Two days was surely not enough, as Berlin has a lot to offer, and many museums and other sights remained unvisited and unexplored, so I hope to return to this city in the (nearest) future.
Then I returned back and started working. A lot of shooting, a lot of people, a lot of photos, and not enough time at all. It is so difficult to spend a lot of time editing pictures when you still want to visit some places in Budapest before going back home soon, but you need to work. I even need to shoot some pictures myself in the studio, to present them to my supervisor and to my teacher later. Did a test-shooting, but haven’t looked at the pictures yet. But still I hope there will be another project going on, as I have another model and another idea. And hopefullly, I will be able to return here too soon, as I have unfinished stuff going on here.


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