Europe Day

Friday was mostly devoted to celebrating Europe Day. In the morning we went to the school – me and the Finnish students Pirre and Janika – and took part in the photography class. But soon after that we headed to Marienplatz. There was a big Europe Day event with lots of tents and a stage for the programme: dancing, music, speeches and interviews. Our student Pirre and BSZ’s student Sarah were also interviewed. They told about their exchange experiences.

We were under a tent and our task was to give flyers and brochures and information about exchange studying to interested by-passers. I had good talks with the other people in our tent. Katri Koppold from German-Finnish Society told me about German education system. The children attend Grundschule from age of six to ten. After that they are divided to Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. In the same tent we had people from German gymnasium introducing Comenius project. They had a partner school in Oulu and they tended to think that the Finnish school system is very good. At least it is quite equal and we have good learning results.

I was happy to meet German exchange students Sarah and Felix who had been in Raahe a year ago, when I wasn’t teaching at Lybecker yet. This was my first meeting with them and they were both very nice.

After the long day I went to ADBK Art Academy with Dirk to an exhibition opening. There was a dark room with pieces of contemporary art. All the artworks were somehow based on light. In the darkening night I headed to the dormitory to pack my stuff for the home trip. It was the hardest task of the day! Somehow my suitcase had grown smaller.

I had a great week. I have learned so much that I have to process it for a while. I have also met wonderful people. Today I have travelled home and it is time to get oriented for a new week here in Raahe.