Eight & Ninth Week in Emerald Week

This week has been kinda same as last week. Bus strike has stopped at last, so we can go somewhere :D.

Tuesday we didn’t do much. I tried to draw something but I have art block maybe I will get over it :T.  We got to know we are going Wednesday at Madra. It is rescue dog kennel place… Well it is place where are many rescue dogs.

Wednesday I woke up at 7, we went to meeting place 08.15 because our lift would leave 08.30. Our lift was nice man named Kevin :D. Madra place had this nice thing that they took volunteers so they can walk dogs there. But you must make appointment there. We were there until five am. It was actually pretty fun, and there was so many dogs <3. There were so many characters and I could compare them who I would want if I could adopt one of them. If some of my readers live in Ireland you should go Madra’s homepage ;). I will put some pictures of dogs:


Thursday my feet are killing me… I am not used to walk that much. Even thought I don’t regret it :P. But I have done past my art block >8D I tried to do something in MS Paint and got something done. I will put it here 😉

We went back school next week and it was actually relief. I got something to do :’3. Mostly I have drawn and thought what animation should I do next. I wanna do something but I just can’t get any ideas. I bought many souvenirs also in this week >83. In Finland they are celebrating First of May. In Ireland I heard they don’t celebrate it so much as Finnish people :’D. I actually sad because I wanna eat doughnut Dx. Maybe when I get in Finland I will do some of them.