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Fifth and six weeks in Budapest

Hello and sorry for not posting here for a long time. Days are terribly busy now, crammed up with work and photos, so I don’t even really find time to take photos for myself – just going to my town after work and sitting in front if computer the rest of the evening before going […]

Communicating with people

I had an idea to independently study some Spanish during my time here. I have learned some words and phrases but I would not brag too much about my skills. I’d really recommend studying some basics before arriving here but you get surprisingly far by using English and body language. If you like the board […]

First days in Barcelona

So called “my airplane” took off this Friday and I left Helsinki with its snow behind me. Wintery white fields were rolling under the plane and slowly the snow was disappearing while we got more distance to my home country. Some years earlier I did the same thing and flew from Helsinki to Barcelona. I had […]

Stockholm tales

WEEK THREE         Worked with Mikael in the beginning of the week, then I spent ascension day in Nacka with Iris and friends. It was one of those first hot days, perfect mini holiday with grilling and catamaran sailing for some of us. The weekend was spent on Orust (an island near Göteborg) […]

Stockholm tales

WEEK TWO We are beginning to have a routine while printing. I really like the old press, its one of those invented before electricity;) On Wednesday i tried drypoint, its so slow and you have to focus and mostly have a clear vision (yeah right), so that you scratch the surface of the copper where […]

Stockholm tales

FIRST WEEK IN A NUTSHELL Although I was ill the first week, i instantly fell in love with the streets of Stockholm and especially with “my” backyard. We, me and Mikael, went to two exhibition openings in the galleries E.P. (pop up gallery with current graphic artists) and Helle Knudsen (featuring Xylon – international association […]

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Food Illustrations

Here I introduce my Illustration about these food items, because this was one of my favorite job tasks I did on this whole 10 week long episode. I started doing this by looking for food illustrations from pinterest. I tried to look for something summery, casual and a bit fun. Quite fastly in my eye […]

Budablog 2

Hi, It has now been pretty quiet since I’ve had a long weekend. That’s because they are celebrating the national holiday here in Hungary and it lasts for four days. I’ve been checking out my neighborhood and it has been quite the perfect weather for that. I also moved to a new place. It’s a […]

20.-27.12 — A Sicily retrospective (or why Travelling is Weird)

Boy, what a mess. Okay, upfront, this is going to be less of a travel blog post than it is going to be a travel retrospective post. My attempt at doing something interesting enough to write about every two weeks… actually held up pretty well by the end of the trip, but what with Christmas […]

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6.12.2015 — Trip to Firenze

Happy Finnish Independence Day! Did you know that the 8th of December is a national holiday in Italy? I didn’t. In hindsight I probably should have, since I researched holidays before leaving, but as it turns out, I have a terrible memory for stuff like this. Anyway, Tuesday the 8th of December is the Day […]