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Second week in Wolverhampton

Dear readers 24.8.-2.9. I have been working these first two weeks at the front of the house.  My job description has includes greeting and helping customers who visit at the art gallery. (to find to the cafe/box office/toilet/etc.)  My working outfit is all black other vice it´s really casual. First week at work started pretty […]

Arriving to England and first week here

Dear readers My journey to England began 12.8. (august). l will be doing my on the job learning experience abroad for the next 10 weeks. This is my second time flying, so l bought my dad to escort me. I started the journey by flying from Kuopio/Finland to Helsinki/Finland and from there to London/England. Same time l […]

Seventh week in Emerald Island

So our Easter break is here. Still planning what to do here when we have our vacation :D. I will do some my own animation more and try to practice them. And this week there should be meteors showing so if sky is clear go see them :3. So my week was really free, couldn’t […]

Sixth Week in Emerald Island

So Monday, Tuesday were normal days as another Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday was kinda different. Firstly I went and did sounds for my animations, for animal sounds I asked my friend to make them. She did and I’m so proud of her because of that. And our lift usually leaves 16.15-16.30 but Wednesday we left […]

iceland – week seven – final projects

The knitting course and exchange period come to an end The final week at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts was a busy one – we presented our final work on Friday. The experimental knitting had to result in three final knitting samples – using the same color palette. They had to be presented together […]

iceland – week six – identity in creativity

Identity in creativity­­ – workshop with Gabriela Sanchez Gabriela Sanchez y Sanchez de la Barquera a Mexican textile designer from The Netherlands. She came to The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts to introduce us to her projects, her work at Vlisco and her path in finding her identity in creativity. With different assignments, tough personal […]

Fifth Week in Emerald Island

So yeaah. Pekka is here. I saw him in Monday but not in school. Tuesday we were talking to Pekka about deadlines and now it is decided it is going to be 2.5. Sarah is going to judge us and Pekka will be there but by Skype phonecall. Sarah did mention we might add John(?) […]

iceland – week five – design talks

Portfolio course This week we had a break from knitting – the week started with a short course in portfolio making, which was a preparation for a workshop in design. We worked on our designer/artist statements and gathered some old works for a small portfolio to present in the beginning of the workshop. Inspiration from […]