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Sixth week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week has been just crafting and planning my Vocational Skills Demonstration, so I haven’t done anything new. Everything has gotten easier as days go by because I’ve finally learned how most of things work in my workplace. I don’t need as much help with my projects and tasks. It’s really nice because I don’t […]

Fifth week in Wolverhampton, UK

Now I have officially completed half of my journey in UK! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Especially this week has passed very quickly. On Tuesday the activity, that I was helping with, was kid’s workshop. In the workshop kids learned how to draw and paint portraits, how to mix different kind […]

Fourth week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week has contained great and not so great days. On Monday I walked around the Art Gallery and helped people to find what they were looking for, as I do on a typical working day. It was good day until I became really tired in the last working hours because I was becoming ill. […]

Third week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week there were many visitors at the Art Gallery. I guess it’s because of the spring break. There were also some activities for children. On Tuesday was ‘Sunny Bunny Fun Day’ which contained craft activity and mini zoo. I think I was as excited as kids to see all those snakes, frogs and other […]

Second week in Wolverhampton, UK

Monday was my first day working in the Art Gallery. The first assignment was to help organize a mosaic workshop for a school group. Even though they were a bit loud and energetic it was fun to see what kind of creations they made. After that I was introduced to the Art Gallery’s exhibitions and […]

First week in Wolverhampton, UK

On the 20th I had packed all my stuff and it was time to go by train to Helsinki. I’ve never flown or been on the airport before so it was bit nerve-racking at first. But I was prepared for it and all went really well in Helsinki – Vantaa’s airport. It was really surreal to […]