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Last weeks GoBrave

I had tons of notes, but I made them into this sort summary for easier reading. 23.4. – 25.4. I mostly spent this time animating miscellaneous scenes and making the text “storyboard”, not sure if it’s fine to call it a screenplay as it has no real “dialogue” in it 26.4. – 27.4. Animating scenes […]

Meeting room

9.4.-20.4. Animations and AE

9.4.-13.4. For this time I mostly worked on learning about techniques and ideas and tried them out on different scenes, my laptop struggling to render anything, and struggling to keep up with the preview even at the worst quality 16.4. I decided to take notes of what I had roughly done from this week on, […]


26.3.-6.4. Växjö update

26.3.-29.3. The mornings can be kinda tiring, because I have to wakeup around 5:55 and make my way to Kalmar and take the train (7:00) for an hour or so to Växjö, but it’ll work fine as long as I go to sleep early. I have done some new scenes for the animation and got […]


GoBrave starting weeks

6.3. I got introduced to the GoBrave building and some of the staff and I discussed what I will be doing during my internship with Karl. I really liked the building and everything about it. 7.3.-9.3. I mostly gathered ideas about the animation project I will be doing and figured out how I will be […]