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Last Two Weeks i Latvia

The site was out of order for a while, so I’ll be covering both my 9th and 10th week in this post. My ninth week in Latvia started off by my class taking a trip to Za?usala, or “Rabbit Island”, a little island on The Daugava river. We were there for the duration of our painting lessons […]


Last weeks GoBrave

I had tons of notes, but I made them into this sort summary for easier reading. 23.4. – 25.4. I mostly spent this time animating miscellaneous scenes and making the text “storyboard”, not sure if it’s fine to call it a screenplay as it has no real “dialogue” in it 26.4. – 27.4. Animating scenes […]


7th and 8th week in Latvia

I skipped one week due to connectivity issues, so I’ll be covering both my 7th and 8th week in this post. During my 7th week we had a break, relating to First of May celebrations, I assume. So we only had school on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I had drawing and photography. In photography […]

Sixth week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week has been just crafting and planning my Vocational Skills Demonstration, so I haven’t done anything new. Everything has gotten easier as days go by because I’ve finally learned how most of things work in my workplace. I don’t need as much help with my projects and tasks. It’s really nice because I don’t […]


Sixth Week in Latvia

This has been a really good week. I managed to finish the works I’ve been doing in printmaking and sculpture and will be starting new ones next time. I settled on a sketch for abstract composition and can start painting it now. I finally decided to step up my game when it comes to homework […]

Meeting room

9.4.-20.4. Animations and AE

9.4.-13.4. For this time I mostly worked on learning about techniques and ideas and tried them out on different scenes, my laptop struggling to render anything, and struggling to keep up with the preview even at the worst quality 16.4. I decided to take notes of what I had roughly done from this week on, […]

Halfway Through! (Fifth Week in Latvia)

Five weeks I’ve been here, five more to go! Time really flies so fast. We had a sort of a test in painting on Monday and Tuesday. It was another still life, but this time we only had five hours to finish it, and I assume the others will have their works graded later on. […]

Kõik teed viivad Emajõkke / Tartu, Estonia

  Like the wisdom found in a local coffee shop bathroom wall, all roads tend to lead towards Emajõgi. The spring has reached its full bloom here and the banks of the river crossing the town centre have been completely crowded by sun bathers every day the sun has been shining even the slightest bit. […]

Fifth week in Wolverhampton, UK

Now I have officially completed half of my journey in UK! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Especially this week has passed very quickly. On Tuesday the activity, that I was helping with, was kid’s workshop. In the workshop kids learned how to draw and paint portraits, how to mix different kind […]

Fourth week in Wolverhampton, UK

This week has contained great and not so great days. On Monday I walked around the Art Gallery and helped people to find what they were looking for, as I do on a typical working day. It was good day until I became really tired in the last working hours because I was becoming ill. […]