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fifth week in wolverhampton

Dear readers 18.-24.9.2017   This week has been really interesting. Monday l started working on the back of the house.   l got a paper where was list of things that l was supposed to search. my first assignment was to search photos of sport medals and line drawings  of different kind of sport people both […]

fourth week in wolverhampton

Dear readers 11.-17.9 on monday l was told that l don’t sound like Kimi Räikkönen, witch l can really take as a compliment because that is probably one of my fears while talking in english. l also met a new volunteer coworker and she told me l can call her if l need anything or […]

third week in wolverhampton

Dear readers 3.-10.9.2017 This week l continued to working on front of the house. On Monday there was many lovely people at the art gallery one woman asked during the conversation what “Thank you” would be in Finnish so l said “Kiitos” and she learned it and l was surprised how good and correct her […]

Second week in Wolverhampton

Dear readers 24.8.-2.9. I have been working these first two weeks at the front of the house.  My job description has includes greeting and helping customers who visit at the art gallery. (to find to the cafe/box office/toilet/etc.)  My working outfit is all black other vice it´s really casual. First week at work started pretty […]

Arriving to England and first week here

Dear readers My journey to England began 12.8. (august). l will be doing my on the job learning experience abroad for the next 10 weeks. This is my second time flying, so l bought my dad to escort me. I started the journey by flying from Kuopio/Finland to Helsinki/Finland and from there to London/England. Same time l […]