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Eight & Ninth Week in Emerald Week

This week has been kinda same as last week. Bus strike has stopped at last, so we can go somewhere :D. Tuesday we didn’t do much. I tried to draw something but I have art block maybe I will get over it :T.  We got to know we are going Wednesday at Madra. It is […]

Second week in Emerald Island

So yeah, sorry this is little bit late ;P. My week has been calm at least and very clear days. Like there hasn’t been like at all raining well maybe little bit, but then I am already inside :D. Monday we went with Anna at the school look how media class looks like in here. […]

First week in Emerald Island

We came in Ireland in Monday around noon. We thought we had lift from Dublin to Galway but we didn’t. Marie called us and told us which buss we should go.  It was easy to find what buss we had to go. Marie came to pick us up from Galway. We came to our “house”. […]