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It is already our last day!

Hello guys! Ten weeks has passed quickly and we are ready to go home 🙂 What happened in  four weeks? Well, we get to go to the school and we had this assignment to film architecture and make a video about it. We filmed new architecture and old architecture and then we edited all of […]

Fifth and sixth week

Ahoj! So I didn’t write last week or week before that.. I’m sorry guys! So what’s been happening over here? Fifth week was pretty normal. We slept long, we went to the malls, at 5 pm we went to work and at 7 pm we went back to the dormitory, spent some time together and […]

Fourth week in Slovakia!!

Ahoj! Not much pictures from this week. Nothing happened really… Monday to Friday at work, we shooted the news as usual. At our freetime we have done some shopping, new clothes, YAY! And I have tried to figure out what to bring home.. Oh, at the beginning of the week we met some exchange students […]

Third week in Slovakia

Ahoj! Sorry I haven’t been writing about last week.. So, Monday to Thursday was kind of same than last week. Every day we went to the shopping center and then to work and there we shot news and that’s it. Friday morning we left to the high Tatras to štrbske Pleso with Walter and his […]

Second week

Ahoj! (it means hi) So, what have we done in here? Monday: In the morning we went to the school and we helped Walter to move some tables in the videostudio. After that we were free until five o’clock. At five we went to the working place (Košice:DNES) as usual and there one of us […]

First week in Slovakia

Hello there! On Sunday we flied from Oulu to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Istanbul. We should’ve fly also from Istanbul to Košice but our flight had been cancelled.. So we stayed the night in Istanbul! That was an interesting experience.. Luckily Turkish airlines paid for our hotel rooms and the ride from airport to […]