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The way of learning

Hi there, Wow. What a time it has been. Never could I have thought, moving to a city that I’m already familiar with, would bring me some much headache. I have extremely hard nearly five weeks behind and as I’m half way the trip now, I really hope I have overcome whatever difficulties life would […]

First week in Alicante

Hola, A bit more than a week has passed in Alicante. I kept stretching to write the first week post because I really wanted to display the first mural here but it’s still not ready. The first week was pretty much about settleing down and preparing stuff. We had to move and I got a […]

Arriving to Alicante

Hi there, My name is Sofia and I am doing a ten week intership in Alicante, Spain. I study in Pekka Halonen Academy graphic designs, but for these ten weeks instead of too much computer work, I will be painting murals on the walls of X-Hostel Alicante. We arrived here last night with my dog […]