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Last two weeks

I am already back in Finland but wanted to do a little summary on how my last two  week went in Reykjavik. On fifth week I experimented a lot in the textile department. I got to learn new techniques in printing and got familiar with different materials. It was also a very busy week because […]

Fourth week – Reykjavik

    Finally got to learn how the prints are made. It’s an interesting technique that occurs lots of steps.We used this special substance to paint the frames that we use in printing. Next we placed the frame with our works on this light box that makes the substance stick in the frame in parts […]

Third week – Reykjavik

    It was my first week in the textile department. We started with print making. Apparently it is a new course for all of the students. The teacher really wanted us to have inspiration behind all of our works and show it on paper. It was quite difficult to gather all the information to […]

Second week – Reykjavik

Throwing – Glazing – Drawing   This week has been full of new information. I started to develop in throwing since I got very good advises from the teachers. The key to throwing is concentration. It’s a slow progress but very rewarding. It has sense of peacefulness that I really like. Following how the clay […]

First week – Reykjavik

  Greetings from Reykjavik, Iceland     I arrived here on Friday 3rd of November. The city has become very familiar to me as I have wandered around it kind of lot. Here is lots of public art, murals, sculptures and graffiti’s. Anywhere you can find a nice place to sit down and enjoy the scenery. […]