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My final week in Latvia

It’s been one week since my school days in Janis Rosenthal Art School came to an end. I managed to finish my 3D animated short I was working on. The final week was busy and frustrating because of it, but I was happy to do my best without giving up. Even though there still are […]

A double post from Latvia (8th and 9th weeks)

Writer’s note: Because of some connection errors, I couldn’t publish my post last week. This post will be about both my eight and ninth week in Latvia.   Eight week (Written March 9th, 2018) It’s my eight week in Latvia, and there are two weeks left. This time I concentrated on painting and drawing, which […]

“Not-So-Nice Feelings” in Latvia

It’s already my seventh week in Latvia, and three weeks to go. I caught a cold earlier this week, but I managed to go to school regardless of that. This week consisted mostly of drawing and painting, but next week I might finally be able to start doing the motion-capture movements for my 3D animation […]


Cultural Experience in Latvia

This week in Latvia was more refreshing than previous weeks. That’s why I would like to dedicate this whole post to my experiences in Riga. On Thursday and Friday all of the art classes were cancelled because our teachers were too busy making preparations for a national sketching competition. There were about 20 contestants and […]

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5 more weeks to go in Latvia..

It’s been 5 weeks and now it’s 5 more weeks to go. It’s been busy and sometimes exhausting, but most of all, I’ve had a wonderful experience. I’m happy to be able to learn as much as I can, no matter what the obstacles are. This week was the same as usual. I finished my […]

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One Month Later..

It’s been already a month since I came to study at Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School in Latvia. My feelings are positive so far, since I’ve had a great opportunity to learn more about fine arts. Everyone has been kind and helpful toward me, and I’ve enjoyed living in the fascinating city of Riga. This […]

Last two weeks

I am already back in Finland but wanted to do a little summary on how my last two  week went in Reykjavik. On fifth week I experimented a lot in the textile department. I got to learn new techniques in printing and got familiar with different materials. It was also a very busy week because […]


My third school week in Latvia

My third week in Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School has went well. I have continued tasks from last week and finished some of them as well! In my painting lessons I continued two paintings from previous weeks: the color-mixing task and the shading task. I am almost done with them, and I will start at […]


My Second School Week in Latvia.

My second week in Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School has went well. Now that I’ve gotten used to my weekly schedule, it’s easier to study along with other students. After having drawn constantly for two weeks, I got much closer to understand the meaning of composition. Whether I was drawing head statues or school corridor, […]


My first weeks in Latvia

It’s been one week and a half since I arrived in Riga, Latvia. I started my studies in Janis Rozenthals Riga Art School, which concentrates on fine arts and also media studies. I will be here for ten weeks. At first I was nervous for it has been a while since I had art lessons […]