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One Month Later..

It’s been already a month since I came to study at Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School in Latvia. My feelings are positive so far, since I’ve had a great opportunity to learn more about fine arts. Everyone has been kind and helpful toward me, and I’ve enjoyed living in the fascinating city of Riga. This […]

Last two weeks

I am already back in Finland but wanted to do a little summary on how my last two  week went in Reykjavik. On fifth week I experimented a lot in the textile department. I got to learn new techniques in printing and got familiar with different materials. It was also a very busy week because […]


My third school week in Latvia

My third week in Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School has went well. I have continued tasks from last week and finished some of them as well! In my painting lessons I continued two paintings from previous weeks: the color-mixing task and the shading task. I am almost done with them, and I will start at […]


My Second School Week in Latvia.

My second week in Janis Rosenthal Riga Art School has went well. Now that I’ve gotten used to my weekly schedule, it’s easier to study along with other students. After having drawn constantly for two weeks, I got much closer to understand the meaning of composition. Whether I was drawing head statues or school corridor, […]


My first weeks in Latvia

It’s been one week and a half since I arrived in Riga, Latvia. I started my studies in Janis Rozenthals Riga Art School, which concentrates on fine arts and also media studies. I will be here for ten weeks. At first I was nervous for it has been a while since I had art lessons […]

Time for the exhibition!

Under the Layers. That is the name that I gave to my exhibition that includes a set of prints and some sewed Japanese paper. I spent 6 weeks in Oslo Graphic Barceloneta and learned to use an art graphic method, serigraphy. During those six weeks I had to get an idea for an exhibition of […]

Last two weeks in Budapest

So, it is my last time when I am able to post something here, and that is a bit sad. Now, being already in snowy and rainy and cold Finland, I am just wishing to go back, and to return to warm and more than sometimes sunny Budapest. I have met cool people, got opportunity […]

Fourth week – Reykjavik

    Finally got to learn how the prints are made. It’s an interesting technique that occurs lots of steps.We used this special substance to paint the frames that we use in printing. Next we placed the frame with our works on this light box that makes the substance stick in the frame in parts […]

Fifth and six weeks in Budapest

Hello and sorry for not posting here for a long time. Days are terribly busy now, crammed up with work and photos, so I don’t even really find time to take photos for myself – just going to my town after work and sitting in front if computer the rest of the evening before going […]