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Fourth week in Budapest

Actually in the headline I confused the length of my staying here, so, I guess, it is the process of assimilation going on. As I mentioned this city is in my opinion similar to Saint-Petersburg with it’s realities, like beggars, homeless people, architecture, metro, trains, attitude to the people, difference between rich and poor and […]

Third week in Hungary

Oh, was it really my third week here? Can’t believe that time flies so fast – seems I have arrived here yesterday and I still have a lot of time to discover not only the hidden gems of the city, but also professional photographer’s profession. But it is nearly a month left before my flight […]

Second week in Budapest

  Good evening from Budapest! This week wasn’t so full on events, especially if to consider my working practice. I was almost free, not bearing in mind editing – and I really don’t know the quantity of pictures I have now, maybe I should count them. Weather was nice more often than it could be, so I […]

First days in Barcelona

So called “my airplane” took off this Friday and I left Helsinki with its snow behind me. Wintery white fields were rolling under the plane and slowly the snow was disappearing while we got more distance to my home country. Some years earlier I did the same thing and flew from Helsinki to Barcelona. I had […]

Arrival and first week in Budapest, Hungary

     Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! Here you can read about photography student’s experience of having job practice in another country apart she is studying in. So, my name is Olga and I am studying photography at the college in Finland. My job practice was organised by my school, and I am very happy […]

Balance is the key

Hi there, Past week has been all about learning how to balance the schedule. In Finland everything is so exact, it’s been a true challenge to adapt to a different work environment. Here my employers kept telling me from the beginning they don’t want me to work from 9-5, but to go on with my […]

fifth week in wolverhampton

Dear readers 18.-24.9.2017   This week has been really interesting. Monday l started working on the back of the house.   l got a paper where was list of things that l was supposed to search. my first assignment was to search photos of sport medals and line drawings  of different kind of sport people both […]