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The Last posts

So this is my last day in Ole publishing; los Boliches, fuengirola; Malaga, Spain. I asked Heidi to fill up the evaluation part in the learning agreement and evaluation for schools. And also they gave me testimonial. In this in-the-job-learning I have learned a lot about customer service, how to deal wit customers when they […]

Advertises to SE-newspaper!

This was the last job I did and I should have been also the last job I did in the whole in-the-job-learning period but I did it already. They will probably work tasks agive me few photography after this. So I had to do this timetable about Sofia collage summer schedule to Se-newspaper. I find […]

Näyttökuva 2016-5-23 kello 11.34.16

Food Illustrations

Here I introduce my Illustration about these food items, because this was one of my favorite job tasks I did on this whole 10 week long episode. I started doing this by looking for food illustrations from pinterest. I tried to look for something summery, casual and a bit fun. Quite fastly in my eye […]

Illustration week

This week I did a map to Ole magazines article. I took awhile for me because, I had to make so many corrections. Also I’ve have being doing an illustration to Se-newspapers summer doble number. It´s nice that i could finally practice my illustartion skills in job! And I did pretty good job. In these […]

Good weekend!

There’s basically anymore two weeks time left and I miss so much everything in Finland; my family, my friends, food and nature! This last week’s aren’t so busy and because I´am used to this environment and the work rutines everything goes easily. This week I´ve been still working with the Mikko Rasila project. I did […]

This weeks Feria!

I have to write early this week because already tomorrow I’m going to represent Ole publishing to international days (feria). I will be there from thursday to sunday. But the weekend days I´m not working from morning to night. Even though It’s not straight practicing graphic designing It’s still super important to have good interaction […]

Hola !

This week went super fast! I feel like time goes more faster when I’m more near the end of this trip. This week I have done different versions of the advertise I told in my last post. I have take pictures to next week’s Ole magazine. I took pictures of different kind of spanish tomatoes, […]

post 3

Last week I started a bigger project with Mikko Rasila. He has a new theater tour in Finland this Summer. I designed a logo for their play and an advertise to Ole magazine. I also did poster for the tour. This is my last day working with this project, It´s been quite hard and stressful. […]

Saludo de Fuengirola post 2.

This week has gone really fast. I have been helping a lot with Ole´s post acting by packaging. My favorite work task was to to go photographing all over Fuengirola. My function was to photograph Ole magazine in different backgrounds. I had to make it look sunlit, warm and vivid. I walk a long time […]

First post!

This is my second week in Fuengirola, Spain. I can see my in-the-job-learning place from my balcony, the train station is 5 minutes from my place and it takes me less then 10 minutes to walk to beach. My in-the-job-learning place Ole publishing is very casual, there is a fellow feeling. I also work in […]