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Last weeks

This week we’ve been charging our batteries and doing some touristic things and spending a bit less time at the studio. After all until now we’ve been working six days a week and long days especially at the week of the exhibition.. So I think we deserved some time of. Tuesday we went to Miro […]

Working harder

Soo, since the Sunday 27th November we had been working to make all our works for the exhibition. I was making my plant monotypes out of trash. I also went shopping for papers a couple of times since I was using quite a lot of it. But in the end I exaggerated how much I […]

Working hard

These last two weeks have been crazy busy. There hasn’t been much time for blogging, or anything else than working hard, so the blog posts are coming with a bit of a delay.. The week before we had to develop a project to work on at the studio. I was working hard to develop an […]

Decision time

This last week I’ve been experimenting with screen printing and doing some monotyping. I’ve been a little torn what to concentrate on, weather to continue experimenting with serigraphy or monotyping. Well I’ll figure it out. There are just so many options on witch direction to go to, so many interesting side roads and a limited […]

First weeks in Barcelona

It’s been the first one and a half weeks here in Barcelona. Our apartment is spacious in the old town, 7th floor so we’ll get some exercise walking up the stairs . Most of the time we’ll been going between our flat and Oslo graphic Barceloneta studio, where we’ll be working for the whole six […]