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The Branablog – the Fourth week

I cannot even begin to describe how exited I am about tomorrows trip back home. Again don’t get Me wrong. It’s Been a wondrous visit in the beautiful city of Barcelona but one does simply has to suffer from homesickness from Time to Time. But enough about tomorrow. Last week has Been an easy one […]

Tha Branablog – third week

Firstly I just realized that I’ve misspelled Barcelona (Barna) as Brana for all of My posts and I figured hey, why change it now. It’s at least original now. Yeah. Third week was exhausting. Don’t get Me wrong it was full of awesome things but on the sunday evening I was so tired. But happy. […]

Branablog – the second week

Homesickness has been the theme of the week.   We’ve visited couple of exhibition openings, a jazz consert, walked a lot around and saw some pretty amazing things. Lots of stairs. I like stairs. With stairs you can visit places like in the picture below. Work schedule is going as planned. Or I might be […]

Branablog – The first week

We got the chance to be tourists for a moment. We had a wonderful first of May picnic today at the park. I mean Parc de La ciutadella. It was amazing. The monk parakeets were quacking and some hippie trummers playing a mantra-like song over and over. Home made hummus with broccoli and nutella strawberries. […]

Branablog – the Arrival

Yesterday we left Finland and now we are here. We are pretty experienced travellers with Iina so it was no problem at all. If you don’t count in the minor mistakes and couple of very bored info-workers helping us. Oh yes the airport workers in Charles de Gaulle were awesome. Good humor I’d say. We […]