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The last weekend in Barcelona

First of all, here’s the photo I promised earlier! And this is the thing we did on weekend. Marc had told us about Gutter Fest which is a festival based on artworks. There were lots of fan magazines, prints, postcards and canvas bags, anything you can imagine! And of course there were also music performances […]

The latest news from Barcelona

I know I’m not a very good blogger.  It’s been almost two weeks since the last post. Well, good things come to those who wait! Let’s begin the story. I had to do the Collection of Statues screen again because the lines were not perfect. I also thickened the lines a little bit so it […]

The second week in Barcelona

Time flies as one could say. It’s been a week since last post.   We have continued our works in the beginning of the week. On Tuesday we went to Barna Paper Shop to buy some printing papers. I decided to buy Lavis Incisione 300 grs paper. I know barely nothing about paper types but […]

The first week in Barcelona

Right to the beginning I must say that I wrote this post already yesterday but this blog system didn’t save it correctly and everything was gone. So here I start again:   On Monday we went to the studio where we’re working. We met Núria there at 5 pm. She introduced the studio to us […]

The first day in Barcelona

It’s Sunday and this really is a sunny day. Yesterday evening we arrived with Jesse to BCN via Paris. We found our way pretty easily from the airport to our apartment. We had to use two metro trains and then we walked a short walk. For my surprise I realised that my phone’s Map App […]