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Last Days in Barcelona

Not much has happened since my previous update, we have mostly been preparing ourselves for our departure on Wednesday. Yesterday we took down our exhibition. There’s going to be a print market at the studio and they’re putting new prints on the walls. We continued clearing up and collecting our stuff at the workplace. We […]

Last Weekend in Barcelona

We haven’t had any special program for the last couple of days. On Thursday I did some serigraphy at the studio. On Friday and Saturday we mostly toured the El Raval district and had dinner at some nice vegetarian restaurants. On Friday we also visited Macba’s MIRALDA MADEINUSA exhibition presenting Antoni Miralda’s work. Today, On Sunday, […]

Last weeks

This week we’ve been charging our batteries and doing some touristic things and spending a bit less time at the studio. After all until now we’ve been working six days a week and long days especially at the week of the exhibition.. So I think we deserved some time of. Tuesday we went to Miro […]

More Tourist Sights

We were happy but exhausted after our exhibition last Friday and decided to spend to weekend relaxing without any specific plans. On Monday we went to the studio again. We talked about our work and exhibition with Nuria who gave us some really useful feedback. We also helped to set back up the shop that […]

Working harder

Soo, since the Sunday 27th November we had been working to make all our works for the exhibition. I was making my plant monotypes out of trash. I also went shopping for papers a couple of times since I was using quite a lot of it. But in the end I exaggerated how much I […]


On Friday last week Nuria and Mariya told us that could exhibit our work in Oslo Graphic Barceloneta’s combined shop and gallery space. The exhibition would open the following Friday so we only had one week to get everything done. Even though the schedule was really tight, we felt like we needed some rest and […]

Working hard

These last two weeks have been crazy busy. There hasn’t been much time for blogging, or anything else than working hard, so the blog posts are coming with a bit of a delay.. The week before we had to develop a project to work on at the studio. I was working hard to develop an […]

Third Week in Barcelona

We have continued spending a lot of time working in the studio. I’ve had some trouble with transitioning from careless experimenting to focusing on a more serious project. I hope I’ve mostly figured it out now though. On Saturday visited the National Museum of Art Catalonia in Montjuïc. The museum has free admissions Saturday afternoons. […]

Decision time

This last week I’ve been experimenting with screen printing and doing some monotyping. I’ve been a little torn what to concentrate on, weather to continue experimenting with serigraphy or monotyping. Well I’ll figure it out. There are just so many options on witch direction to go to, so many interesting side roads and a limited […]

First two weeks in Barcelona

We have now spent two weeks of our six-week stay in Barcelona. We live in a spacious, cosy apartment located walking distance from our workplace, Oslo Graphic Barceloneta’s studio. The day after our arrival we met Núria and Mariya at the studio and helped to set up Mariya’s exhibition. Everyone has been friendly and made […]