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8th and 9th week in Munich

I’ll just post these two weeks together because last week the wifi died pretty much completely until Thursday and I saw no point posting the previous week so late so. Be prepared for a monster update. I’m getting slower and lazier with the blog writing. Must be the approaching sadness that we have to leave […]

Seventh week in Munich

Monday 1st June Last month here starts now. So weird to think there’s only a few weeks left! I started making first designs in Illustrator that I modelled like round retro fruits in different colour options. The idea was fun and fresh, but I didn’t feel those would work very well after all so I […]

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Sixth week in Munich

Monday 25th May Monday was another holiday (Germans sure do have a lot of holidays! Next week’s Thursday will again be one) and as the weather was gloomy in Munich we ditched our plan to go on a picnic to English Garden and instead decided to pay a visit to Dachau and the concentration camp […]

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Fifth week in Munich

Monday 18th May After a refreshing and long weekend I started the new week enthusiastically and with new energy. Surprisingly after seeing Zug’s breathtaking old wooden buildings and architecture after years, the streets and buildings in Munich started to feel almost ordinary. How weird! This is already feeling like a home to me, with the […]


Fourth week in Munich (and a bit outside!)

Monday 11th May A very busy day all in all. Since we had heard that Thursday is another holiday I asked if I could also take Friday free and visit my aunts in Switzerland since they had been asking me for a visit. Mr. Kier agreed to it and even though he insisted I wouldn’t […]


Third week in Munich

Monday 4th May On Monday we printed out the A3 versions of our ready posters, just before Mira and Mr. Hund arrived to Saints! It was very well timed actually, the printing got delayed as Claudia had to work a bit on other things so we could spread the ready posters on the floor maybe […]


Second week in Munich

Monday 27th April Today started with a very tired morning. Writing one week worth of blog in one night is not a very good decision! I barely remember taking the u-bahn trip, but thankfully our day started with the usual Monday meeting so I could wake up from my coma! Lesson learned, start writing the […]


First week in Munich (with a load of pictures)

Viele grüße aus München! I am Piritta, mostly known as Pirre, a twenty-year-old (soon 21 ;>) graphic design student from Lybecker Insitute of Crafts and Design from Raahe/Finland, and I’m currently taking an internship in Munich, Germany! We will stay here with Janika for ten weeks during which we’ll work in agencies, both in our own.   […]