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Europe Day

Friday was mostly devoted to celebrating Europe Day. In the morning we went to the school – me and the Finnish students Pirre and Janika – and took part in the photography class. But soon after that we headed to Marienplatz. There was a big Europe Day event with lots of tents and a stage […]

Thursday 7th May

Today the first year media design students had to finalize their corporate graphics presentations. They had to glue all the material on the black cardboard. Their teacher Anna told me that the students have presentations of every school project. They have to learn how to convince the customer. They also study presentation techniques. Each day […]

Wednesday 6th May

The traffic was very crowded again and it lasted almost an hour to get to the school. The first thing that students had to do this morning was a written test. They had to recognise for example typographic eras and to know how to recognice different kind of serif types from each other. I gave […]

First Days in Munich

Hello from Munich! My staff exhange started a couple of days ago and now I finally got a username and a password for this blog. So I can change my offline diary to an online blog! I came here from Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design to learn about German education system and to see […]