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Leena in Berlin part 3

I’m so excited, because of an event that  I’m organizing at the gallery next week. It will be a multicultural poem event “carnival of poetry” in the spirit of “the carnival of cultures” in Berlin at the same weekend. I hope it will reach many people. Last weekend I was ill for many days and couldn’t do anything […]

Leena in Berlin part 2

Today is the first of may, “vappu” day. Yesterday I almost forgot, that it’s “vappu”, because you won’t see people here celebrating it, as in Finland. I heard, that here every first of may people come all around from Germany to Kreuzberg to protest. Every year the protesters destroy places and burn cars. All the shops […]

Leena in Berlin part 1

First week in Berlin! I came here last saturday with my 1-year old boy and my dog. The flight went ok and my dear cohabitant was waiting for me at the airport. He has been here already for 6 weeks from his school in Finland. It’s good to have a private travel guide. 😉 Our […]