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Good byes to Riga!

It feels sad to leave Riga, because it has become my second home. I have lots of cool stories I want to share with you. My friend Ance wanted to make an interview about me to their schools newspaper. How did you like your time here? Studying abroad has been my long term dream and […]

Studying in JRRMW

Hi there! I just finished my 3rd week in Jana Rozentala Vidusskola, in Riga and I have one more to go, because my studies in Keuda vocational college will continue on November. I think I’ve learned a lot about different art forms and how to practise your art skills. We’ve made very basic drawings of […]

Paaveluost beach

Trip to Liepaja

I made a weekend trip to a beautiful city by the Baltic sea, called Liepaja, about 200km from Riga. I was couch surfing in my classmates friends place, where they had their own garden and we made pizza together. I cycled around the city and spent 2 hours by taking pictures in the seaside. I […]

The first week in Riga

Lots of things have happened in 10 days. I’ve finally met all of my teachers and visited all the different classrooms where my art lessons are taking place. Almost everybody speaks English in the Jana Rozentala school so it’s easy to find help. Sculpturing and drawing feels demanding as well as oil panting because I’ve […]

The Arrival to Riga

I arrived to Riga at 7.30p.m after 8 hours of traveling. First I took a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and then a bus to Riga. I though it was a walking distance from the harbour but luckily my mum who accompanied me told me to take a taxi so I made it to the […]