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( 22.6 monday ) Last week here starting. The time is really flying by! I started my morning by continuing the storyboards for the animations, until Max came to ask about my skills in animation haha! He advised me to try After Effects since I had never used it and told me to try out […]


( 15.6 monday ) Only two weeks left here in Munich! Gosh, the time has really flied. I’m not feeling homesick surprisingly though, just missing salmiakki icecream and maksalaatikko! Well today I helped Alex with backgrounds for the website relaunch and also doing some small things to help him out. After that I was left […]


( 8.6 monday ) Did these banners and pictures for the new website! Had to take photos of the printed materials and then make em nice in Photoshop! Nothing epic happening. Max came to rush me ’cause I was taking my time haha! But I wanted to make it nice! Need to learn to be […]