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iPhone aesthetics part II

From top: Dream house I go through this station 2-4 times a day Only graffiti pictures I’ve taken (graffiti’s so early 2000’s duh) Rainbow buildings, so ugly they’re pretty I live in the most geometrically pleasing house (last three pics)

Big post about stuff

Hey guess what? I’ve been sick again! During the last two months I’ve had a flu with a fever three (3) times! I can’t remember what it’s like to breathe normally and to eat something else than painkillers for breakfast. And again, sorry for not writing. I’m way too unorganized for this blogging thing. My […]

iPhone aesthetics

From top: Morning coffee View from our penthouse balcony in Neukölln Bike trip to Grünewald (Apparently wordpress hates photos. Click to view in full size if possible)

Enter a witty title here

Okay, I should’ve started writing here a lot earlier, but there were some technical and physical problems; I didn’t get my account info quite on time, then I got sick, then there was an awful lot of work for a week and I didn’t have the energy to do anything extra, having to work with […]