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20.-27.12 — A Sicily retrospective (or why Travelling is Weird)

Boy, what a mess. Okay, upfront, this is going to be less of a travel blog post than it is going to be a travel retrospective post. My attempt at doing something interesting enough to write about every two weeks… actually held up pretty well by the end of the trip, but what with Christmas […]

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6.12.2015 — Trip to Firenze

Happy Finnish Independence Day! Did you know that the 8th of December is a national holiday in Italy? I didn’t. In hindsight I probably should have, since I researched holidays before leaving, but as it turns out, I have a terrible memory for stuff like this. Anyway, Tuesday the 8th of December is the Day […]

9-15.11. – Working on a Demo Stage for Kitty Scratch Ep2

So it was pointed out to me that I’ve been neglecting writing. Which is correct, but I’d like to think that I have a good reason. First of all, I’ve been doing 10-12 hour days, working and then writing my script in the evening. Second, I got incredibly sick after the long week of trips, […]

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Good byes to Riga!

It feels sad to leave Riga, because it has become my second home. I have lots of cool stories I want to share with you. My friend Ance wanted to make an interview about me to their schools newspaper. How did you like your time here? Studying abroad has been my long term dream and […]

28.10. — World Expo 2015 Milano

I’m a few days late writing about this, but I went to the World Expo in Milano last week. I originally didn’t plan to go, what with how busy I was apartment hunting and working, but it’s not really the kind of experience you want to miss if you can avoid it. I picked an […]

iPhone aesthetics part II

From top: Dream house I go through this station 2-4 times a day Only graffiti pictures I’ve taken (graffiti’s so early 2000’s duh) Rainbow buildings, so ugly they’re pretty I live in the most geometrically pleasing house (last three pics)

Big post about stuff

Hey guess what? I’ve been sick again! During the last two months I’ve had a flu with a fever three (3) times! I can’t remember what it’s like to breathe normally and to eat something else than painkillers for breakfast. And again, sorry for not writing. I’m way too unorganized for this blogging thing. My […]

23.10. – Trip to Torino

Last Friday I had a chance to go to visit View Conference that was taking place in Torino this week. View is a conference about visual effects in films and videogames. What a great experience. Torino is much less busy than Milano, but the metro there is much scarier (the double doors close on the […]

Studying in JRRMW

Hi there! I just finished my 3rd week in Jana Rozentala Vidusskola, in Riga and I have one more to go, because my studies in Keuda vocational college will continue on November. I think I’ve learned a lot about different art forms and how to practise your art skills. We’ve made very basic drawings of […]

Milan — First week retrospective

I don’t know if I’m just a strange Finnish person or if everyone who comes from Tampere or any of the big industrial cities in the south gets the same kind of “welcome home” feeling from Milan as I’ve gotten. I’ve been here for a bit over a week, most of it never quite sure […]