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Eighth week in Tartu (01.-07.12)

Okay, I have not so much to tell about this school week , ’cause I haven’t been at many lessons now, when my takeoff is coming closer. At monday I continued the christmas card job, and I came back to school in the evening to continue my painting for Maalikoda, as almost every evening lately. […]

Seventh week in Tartu (24.-30.11)

Yea my time here is gonna end soon, I can’t believe it, where all these weeks have gone? When I came here there was still leaves on trees, and now the winter has arrived. But now about my week. At monday I had same lessons but different theme; we had to start make three christmas […]

Sixth week in Tartu (17.-23.11)

I haven’t so much to tell about this week, ’cause I had a guest from Finland, so I went to school just at thursday and friday. At thursday it was the last designing lesson, but I didn’t get my lamb ready. I’m gonna finish it till next lesson. Later I had printmaking and I printed […]

Fifth week in Tartu (10.-16.11)

Ok I’m posting again, but now I want start to tell a about my week in time. At monday I get a new job; make a comic about my day. I think that this was so difficult theme, so I did’nt get much done. At tuesday I wasn’t at school, ’cause I was making sketches […]

Fourth week in Tartu (3.-9.11)

It’s crazy that half of my exchange period is over. I haven’t learn estonian but I can order food by myself at school, the cooks here don’t speak english. And then about school. I have started my work practice so I don’t must not even go to school, but I want finish some courses ’cause […]


If there is something I will miss about Bilbao it’s the coffee. There isn’t a day where I don’t enjoy a cup of café con leche. Love the pintxos as well.