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Last Two Weeks i Latvia

The site was out of order for a while, so I’ll be covering both my 9th and 10th week in this post. My ninth week in Latvia started off by my class taking a trip to Za?usala, or “Rabbit Island”, a little island on The Daugava river. We were there for the duration of our painting lessons […]


7th and 8th week in Latvia

I skipped one week due to connectivity issues, so I’ll be covering both my 7th and 8th week in this post. During my 7th week we had a break, relating to First of May celebrations, I assume. So we only had school on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I had drawing and photography. In photography […]


Sixth Week in Latvia

This has been a really good week. I managed to finish the works I’ve been doing in printmaking and sculpture and will be starting new ones next time. I settled on a sketch for abstract composition and can start painting it now. I finally decided to step up my game when it comes to homework […]

Halfway Through! (Fifth Week in Latvia)

Five weeks I’ve been here, five more to go! Time really flies so fast. We had a sort of a test in painting on Monday and Tuesday. It was another still life, but this time we only had five hours to finish it, and I assume the others will have their works graded later on. […]

Fourth Week in Latvia

My first month in Latvia has gone in a flash! This week started with some painting lessons and computer graphics. In painting we started a new still life. After that it was time for my first lesson in computer graphics. Since I’m not very experienced in the subject I started off with a simple task […]


Third Week in Latvia

I didn’t have school on Monday or Tuesday because it was still Easter break. During that free time I worked on my composition and relaxed at the dorm. On Wednesday I had a couple of drawing lessons and then some photography. During drawing classes I finished my work so that I could start a new […]


Second Week in Latvia (Easter Break!!)

My second week at Janis Rozentals Riga Art High School started with some painting classes where I began painting a still life. I was a little confused at first, not having painted any still lives in a while but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I had my painting technique challenged […]


My First Week in Riga

I arrived at Riga International Airport around 2 pm this Monday. There were a few obstacles on the way but I managed to get situated in my dorm and then headed to the city center to grab something to eat. By the time I got back I was so exhausted I went straight to bed. […]