Arriving to England and first week here

Dear readers

My journey to England began 12.8. (august). l will be doing my on the job learning experience abroad for the next 10 weeks. This is my second time flying, so l bought my dad to escort me. I started the journey by flying from Kuopio/Finland to Helsinki/Finland and from there to London/England. Same time l was learning how to act on airports, so l would know what to do once l return back to home.








we decided to stay in London for couple of days to explore London and see some monuments, museums, pubs, stores, etc. we had some traditional foods like English breakfast and fish and chips, etc. I learned how to use metro and train, and lot of information of monuments and history of England. From there we headed to the train station and took a train to the Wolverhampton.







15.-16.8 we walked around Wolverhampton and got to know places then l settled to live on campus, and dad flied back home. Following week l just settled in and walked around the city. because my work will start 22.8. so l had some more time to spend and get to do all my paper works done. First got little homesick but people here are so nice and kind. Also this town is really much easier than London to remember, and it kinda reminds me of Kuopio.

22.8. l went to the art gallery and got to meet people and l was informed for all the important things and l will star officially on 23.8.


Today was my first work day. My assignment was to look after top floor of gallery and greet people. l got to read and experience the gallery at the same time. in the end of the day l stayed to chat with the staff there and to get to know better them better.


Best regards: Veera Pelkonen