Arrival and first week in Budapest, Hungary

     Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! Here you can read about photography student’s experience of having job practice in another country apart she is studying in. So, my name is Olga and I am studying photography at the college in Finland. My job practice was organised by my school, and I am very happy to spend some time in Europe, to learn more about photography, to get advice from a professionals and to gain new experiences.

      Actually, I find a bit difficult to write this blog once a week, to keep everything in mind,  probably later I shall write more often. And I have got way to many pictures to edit, to post here, so maybe some posts will contain a lot more images.

       It’s been a week after my arrival to Hungary and Budapest. However, I’m not living in Budapest itself, but in the small picturesque town of small houses with red tiled roofs, called Szentendre. To arrive into the bigcity, firstly, I need to take local train – 40 mins, and then, it depends on where I need to go – train arrives to the underground station (to my  working place it is about 1 hour and a half). And to be honest, I believe that these people who are saying about public transport in Budapest, are correct and it is definitely one of the best systems in the world. Have used practically whole transportation available here, and if the way undeground, trains, trams etc are built remainds me my native country Russia, the way of tickets checking is a bit different. Here when you are using metro, before going to the station, you need to either to validate your ticket or to show it to a conductor – if for example you are using a monthly pass, and then you can go wherether you wish. However be prepared to show your ticket and id card if needed. On trams, buses you don’t necessary need to show your ticket, or I just haven’t been in such situations yet, of course it’s better to have your ticket with you, in other case you need to pay a penalty fare at about 25 euros (not so much compared to Finland). Money are still like something unknown to me – I understan that here is more cheaper than in Finland, and if to convert money, yes, it is so, but here it seems that I can spend to much.

Town, in which I’m living in is very beautiful – just imagine small, mostly one-storey houses built in stone or brick with red-tiled roofs. It is the town of painters, there are a lot of art galleries here, also, it’s the town of churches. Danube is situated nearby, and the view on it is truly magnificent. There is even a place on a quay when you can buy duck’s food and you can feed a bunch of birds there.

As for other things… Szentendre can be called a touristic attraction, I’ve seen a lot of tourists here, and as a tourist have attended the Marzipan museum (how couldn’t I). There is a lot of statues, figures – from

different tales, folklore, even Michael Jackson and Princess Diana in their full hight made of marcipan, and there is also museum’s shop where you can buy sweets.

Budapest.. What can I say about it, apart from that it looks similar to Saint-Petersburg to me (probably somebody will disagree with me, but in my opinion architecture, homeless in the streets, crowds of people and other things make these two cities similar). However, I do like this city, it looks amazing whether it is sunshine or rain, day or night. But, I wish to see more modern buildings to satisfy hunger of a photographer keen on architecture. But here I hope to practise street photography more, because it is  definitely a tourist city, so I can stroll everywhere with my camera without being noticed to much. But, frankly speaking, it is still difficult to get closer to people to take pictures of them, so I have been still using my zoom lens… Hopefully later I could even approach people and ask them for their permission to get photographed; I will try, I promise it to myself and to my readers.

Have been to both sides of Danube, haven’t seen the Parliament so good though. We have been on a guided tour inside, but outside it was raining, so I need to look at it more thoroughly and at night too!

What have I done on my practice so far…Guess that is also an interesting theme to tell about. My practice is held at Szabo Ivett fotostudio here in Budapest and it includes photography assistant’s work. What is more, I had and, hopefully, will have an opportunity to work with other photographers too. It is really something new, and a lot more practical than we used to have at the school, and the thing is that I am not so into portrait photography – I can’t work with people, I don’t know a lot how to take good pictures of them, but here, I have this opportunity to learn and that is the most important thing, as well as, I’m going to learn Lightroom too.
So, during my first working day, we had photoshoot of a hungarian family – parents and two kids (boy and girl). I was asked to take pictures of the kids, which I considered to be difficult, because children were speaking only hungarian and I wasn’t able to ask them to pose or not to pose.. I was told that I just need to speak with them, no matter what language I will use, it just makes everything easier, but it was still tough for me to understand this contradiction, but I was able to take some nice pictures of them and family itself. I acted like a second photographer too. Now, I still need to edit these pictures till the end, and later, I guess, I could post something here, because I could use the pictures I take in my portfolio which is very nice.
On the second day, with another photographer, I was taking photos of a flat being sold. I was asked to take more detailed photographs of the interior. This was stressful, because, you know, when somebody is saying that you are good, or you are doing something not just for yourself and school, it’s another level. I mean I worried too much, made a lot of mistakes, but luckily was able to take some good photos, which I like myself. I’d like to learn about this type of photography more, because it is what I’m interested in. And I do hope that I will be able to take some pictures during the concerts here, Haven’t been to any yet, hope to solve this problem in the near future.
Starting from 4th of November there is going to be a lot of work in the studio. Weeks before that I was taking pictures of the city, of some persons I met here, and editing pictures. However now, I’m not so ready to upload pictures I have, so I will be gradually adding pictures to this post.
Thanks for your attention!

P.S. Some more pics of Budapest

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