About ArtECult

ArtECult network is European public and non-profit network of upper secondary level vocational education institutes and work organizations in the fields of fine art and visual communications. ArtECult member institutes finance their international activities mainly by making yearly European Union mobility project applications for students and professionals.

Partners represent organisations in the fields of graphic design, media, fine arts, photography, games and audiovisual communication techniques; film, computer animation, games, broadcasting and television technology.

ArtECultArtECult network supports internationalisation and enhances the attractiveness of vocational training by arranging seminars and common project activities, offering basic help for project application process, keeping up active on-line discussion among partner network, offering guidance in arranging language and culture trainings and offering free access to ArtECult Moodle environment for several useful international courses and study materials about internationalization and project management. ArtECult also supports ECVET process in all activities.

All around Europe with ArtECult

On our web pages we present our partners, projects and working. We also share image galleries from our various trips around Europe.  Take a look and browse through student exhibitions, seminar and conference pictures or read students road trip stories.

If you are interested in receiving visitors and also sending your VET professionals, work life representatives and students around Europe in co-operation with the ArtECult network, please contact to the Finnish ArtECult network coordinator artecult(at)artecult.net

If you are self applying for mobility projects, please, let us know the vocational field and the possible organizations that you are interested in so that we are able to help in finding the placements for your representatives among our partner network.

We would love to hear from You:

Send us email at artecult@artecult.net and let us hear from You!