A double post from Latvia (8th and 9th weeks)

Writer’s note: Because of some connection errors, I couldn’t publish my post last week. This post will be about both my eight and ninth week in Latvia.


Eight week (Written March 9th, 2018)

It’s my eight week in Latvia, and there are two weeks left. This time I concentrated on painting and drawing, which I enjoyed very much.

I was working on three paintings: a quick painting of a table with fruits and objects, a portrait of a human model, and a static painting of a person in a dark elevator (which is the one project I mentioned briefly on my earlier posts).

During my drawing lessons, I finished one drawing of two statues, and then I started making a new drawing of more complicated one. I had some trouble at first, but I think I’m making it.

I also prepared one of my 3D models for 3D printing. It was pretty complicated, as you have to make sure that there are no gaps or overlaying meshes in the object. After I managed to solve the problems, I was happy. I can’t wait for my 3D print to be done (on next Monday, that is).

And one final thing: the day for my motion-capture session is finally confirmed to be the next Tuesday! After that, my motion-capture animation project is closer to being finished.


Writer’s note: Unfortunately, the 3D print got broken very easily due to some mistakes. The problem was found inside the model, as there were some meshes between certain body parts (like the meshes between hands and arms, or meshes –between head and the body). As my teacher said, the inside of 3D model ”should be like a balloon”: if you put water inside the model, it should be able to fill the whole model.

However, I managed to make the necessary fixes, so we can try to print it again. I would like to show you both the first and the second prints next week!


And finally, this week’s post.


Ninth week (written March 15th, 2018)

It’s my second last week here in Riga. Even though being here has been interesting, I’m really looking forward to go home. These final weeks have been quite stressful, mostly because of this 3D short animation I’ve been trying to work with.

That project moved forward this week as I finally managed to record my movements for my character. It was nice to put on the motion capture suit for the first time! My teacher gave me some good ideas for acting, which was very helpful. Soon I can attach the movement to my character and then the post production is about to begin!

Even though this 3D work has taken most of my attention, I also managed to some exercises in drawing lessons. One of them was about drawing portraits of other students while the other one was about drawing the head statues, which I’ve gotten used to. These head statues have become more complicated, which has been a challenge, to say the least.

This weekend I will do some more sightseeing in Riga. I will also get mentally prepared for the next week that is my last week in this exchange program. In my last day at school (March 23rd) I will show my teachers all the works I’ve done here so far. After that we will discuss about the skills I’ve acquired and how to add them in my certificate.

Stay tuned for the conclusion!