9.4.-20.4. Animations and AE


For this time I mostly worked on learning about techniques and ideas and tried them out on different scenes, my laptop struggling to render anything, and struggling to keep up with the preview even at the worst quality


I decided to take notes of what I had roughly done from this week on, so I would have some easy memos to write the blogs from.

This Monday was mostly spent on learning about how expressions work in After Effects, and how I can get the expression “LookAt” to work with my needs.


I extended the bridge scene because the car will be driving along the road, having the camera f


ollow it. And I imported it into After Effects and worked on animating it.

Getting the bridge scene almost done, I moved onto animating the BBQ scene.  And made some test renders of both of them.

And a funny thing happened in the afternoon.


“I walked towards the trainstation like every other day, arriving at the trainstation a few minutes later. Checked the platforms display (Kalmar C, 14:48, 1048) , and saw that it is indeed my train that I have taken many times before. The train doesn’t show up on time, and I think nothing of it. 20 minutes out of schedule the train finally comes to the platform, I check the platforms display once more and it still says the same (Kalmar C, 14:48, 1048). Hop on the train, and notice that there’s a lot more people than usual. Take a free seat and patiently wait for the train to start moving. As the train finally starts moving, it jolts backwards, and keeps going that way. Goosebumps appear on my arms, I check the trains own display they’ve got in every car. (Helsingor) < the opposite of where I was supposed to be going to. I hop out the next stop and check where and when the next train leaves that goes my route. In the next train ask the staff if I can go back the same way after explaining what happened. They say it’s completely fine. What a relief.”

I assume the train I was supposed to take was either cancelled, went onto another platform or was really really late.


I continued animating the scenes (Mostly the bridge scene) and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
Also, Andreas help’d me setup a really good laptop they had laying around so I can work faster, better and easier.


Started working on a new scene, it being in a beach setting as it fits the vacation/summer theme. The catch being it’s a deserted island.


I made a logo reveal animation for the GoBrave logo, to be in the end of the animation.