7th and 8th week in Latvia

I skipped one week due to connectivity issues, so I’ll be covering both my 7th and 8th week in this post.

During my 7th week we had a break, relating to First of May celebrations, I assume. So we only had school on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I had drawing and photography. In photography the teacher looked through my photos and told me that I had misunderstood the task a little bit but it was fine. He then gave me a new task which was to go to the city and take pictures of ordinary objects from surprising angles so that at first glance one couldn’t tell what the subject of the picture was. On Thursday I had technical drawing and abstract composition. We started a new work in technical drawing, a still life with some cubes. The idea was to construct the shadows by drawing lines from the light source.

During my free days I sat at my favorite cafe a lot, drawing. I also spent time with friends and worked on my compositions.

Last week we had a full week of school. I got my poster started in computer graphics, though I am still confused about what it’s supposed to be like. We finished our still lives and started painting pictures of our noses. I also started working on new tasks in printmaking, photography, and sculpture. In sculpture I’m molding my hand out of clay, in printmaking the subject of the work is “dream and nightmare”, and in photography I’ll be taking pictures that fit the subject “detail and contrast in the city”.

During my spare time I spent a lot of time with friends and among other things attended a “Drink and Draw” event where we sketched live models.

The weather has been amazing, especially the last few days. I feel like in Finland it only gets this warm for a couple of weeks in July.

Also, here are some pictures of the works I’ve done during the past weeks. The one on the left is a still life that we had to finish in five lessons (an exam kind of thing) and the one on the right is the composition I’ve been working on at home.