First week in Alicante


A bit more than a week has passed in Alicante. I kept stretching to write the first week post because I really wanted to display the first mural here but it’s still not ready.

The first week was pretty much about settleing down and preparing stuff. We had to move and I got a nasty flu that had been going around the hostel so that took away a lot of energy. The first week I mainly did a lot of sketches to show to the owners of the hostel since I first need to get their permission to every mural I’m doing. Right now I’m working on a column.

So you can see on the corner column the artwork with the weird blue and green creatures, that was something the owners wanted to be painted over.


More flowers, I love to paint on the terrace in the sun.

Around 7 pm is the best time to go for a walk. The sun is starting to settle down and it’s not too hot anymore. Normally during the daytime Mymmeli cannot walk for too long in the heat so I try to make it always before 12 and after 7 pm. In this picture you can see the main sight in Alicante, “Castillo de Santa Bàrbara”, behind.

Mymmeli posing in front of random artwork on the street. There is a lot of street art in Alicante but you need to put some effort in to find it. The ones you see on the main streets are mainly tags.

Near where we live by night.

This is my lunch in Lizarran the other day. Even though it’s a chain restaurant it’s still one of my favourite places to eat here. It’s so convenient and good. The little tapas are placed on the counter for you to pick which ones you want on your plate. When you want the bill, they just count the amount by the toothpicks on your plate.

Ice cream on the famous boardwalk “Explanada de España” by the sea. Influenced by the boardwalk in Rio.

Some brown & white hennas I’ve done on the terrace during evenings. People like it a lot and I love doing it.

So this has been pretty much about it so far, now I’m just hoping to be able to concentrate 100% on the artwork. I don’t know what it is but the time seems to fly a lot quicker than back home. Must be something about the Spanish sense of time..

Alright guys,

hasta pronto!