3 comrades in košice

Hello comrades,


So i’ve come to Slovakia, Košice to work for 10 weeks with two of my classmates and what have i done so far? Well let me tell you.

First we flew from Oulu (Finland) to Helsinki (Finland) and from Helsinki we flew to Istanbul (turkey) where we had to spent the night because our flight got cancelled.. but the aircompany provided us with a free hotel so it was fine. When we arrived to Košice our first job was to film in this event called “Košican Roka” where they chose the Košices man of the year 2016.  After that we went to check out the tv-studio where we have been working now for 2 weeks. In the studio we get to shoot the local news live into tv.

About our freetime.

We have been in High Tatras which was really cool. We climbed the mountain peek called “Solisko” but we never made it to the top because we got exhausted by climbing and it was dangerous allso. We also have tasted some traditional foods and visited different kind of pubs and places to eat.