26.3.-6.4. Växjö update


The mornings can be kinda tiring, because I have to wakeup around 5:55 and make my way to Kalmar and take the train (7:00) for an hour or so to Växjö, but it’ll work fine as long as I go to sleep early.

I have done some new scenes for the animation and got feedback about the work I have done.

      Actual building for comparison.

(I pretty much slept through the easter weekend and watched shows etc.)


I have rethought the storyboard for the new ideas, and I started rigging a character with Rubberhose on After Effects. It’s a lot to get used to as I have never used After Effects to rig a character using Rubberhose.

I shaded all the scenes, so now they have a less flat look.

+ On Friday we got food from Umami Monkey with the people from the office, and it turned out to be really good.

And here are some pictures I have taken from now and before when there still was snow. The weather has gotten pretty warm now.