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International on the job learning periods improves your students skills and motivation. Join us and get a chance to send your design, media and culture students and  professionals abroad to study or work or take part in ArtECult art exhibitions.

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Do you want to be part of our network? By joining you will get the chance to receive excellent students for on the job learning periods, take part to international seminars and also visit to our European partners. Please read more.

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For students ArtECult provides wide range of on the job learning places and contacts from all around Europe. There is also a possibility to join in our cultural art exhibitions with students very own artwork. Contact your schools administrator or international coordinator to find out more.

Latest news from ArtECult

Last Two Weeks i Latvia

The site was out of order for a while, so I’ll be covering both my 9th and 10th week in this post. My ninth week in Latvia started off by my class taking a trip to Za?usala, or “Rabbit Island”, a little island on The Daugava river. We were there for the duration of our painting lessons […]


7th and 8th week in Latvia

I skipped one week due to connectivity issues, so I’ll be covering both my 7th and 8th week in this post. During my 7th week we had a break, relating to First of May celebrations, I assume. So we only had school on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I had drawing and photography. In photography […]

Kõik teed viivad Emajõkke / Tartu, Estonia

  Like the wisdom found in a local coffee shop bathroom wall, all roads tend to lead towards Emajõgi. The spring has reached its full bloom here and the banks of the river crossing the town centre have been completely crowded by sun bathers every day the sun has been shining even the slightest bit. […]

Ma unistan sinust värvides mida ei eksisteeri / Tartu, Estonia

    After the Easter break, the past week was all about work. More drawing, more painting, more sculpting and definitely more unidentified paint and clay goop finding its way under my fingernails. We continued to study both old and new models, including ourselves, and I’ve been working my assignments further. We, together with my […]

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Kes külvab tuult, see lõikab tormi / Tartu, Estonia

  Who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind – Estonian proverb     Whew. Okay. A bit over two weeks have now passed since I packed my few earthly belongings and headed my way towards Tartu. After my arrival, everything seems to have happened at double speed. The people, the town, the new school […]